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Music For Working From Home

When working from home it can be hard to get into the right “flow”. Music can help to quickly get into the state of “flow”.

Long mixes with no words (that work for me)

  1. 1 hour - Lola Palmer @ RTS.FM - 06.07.2010 - YouTube
  2. 1 hour - Lola Palmer RTSfm KievStudio 08.04.2011 - YouTube
  3. 1h 43m Burning Man 2015 Deep Tunes for Deep Playa on YouTube 1h43m
  4. 1h 17m Sergey Sapunov RTS.FM Moscow x Dich Bar 07.07.2016
  5. endless, lofi hip hop radio - beats to relax/study to - YouTube live radio
  6. 1h 28m - Voltanov @ RTS.FM Riga 10.07.16 on SoundCloud
  7. 1h NYE Afterparty on SoundCloud
  8. 1h27m Lola Palmer Friendly Vibes Showcase X RTS.FM • 29.01.15 on SoundCloud
  9. 1h9m Julian Perez RTS.FM Budapest 16.01.2016
  10. 1h an Krüger RTS.FM Berlin 23.04.15 on Soundcloud
  11. 1h Mihai Popoviciu RTS.FM Chile on SoundCloud
  12. 2h Waypoint - Burning Man Sunrise Set 2018 (1h 52m) on SoundCloud
  13. 3h Ingress - Burning Man Sunrise Set 2017 on Soundcloud

Playlists with 1-3 hour mixes

  1. DJ Lola Palmer playlist on YouTube, ~8h total and another YT playlist
  2. RTS.FM Budapest playlist on Youtube
  3. Burning Man Sunrise Playlist on YouTube
  4. DJ Tycho Mixes playlist on SoundCloud
  5. (with words) Music but it is played in another room - YouTube Playlist

Natural Noises and Sounds

  1. MyNoise.net - high-quality pre-recorded sounds of nature, rain, river, ocean
  2. Listen To The Cloud - ambient music mixed with live chatter from airports worldwide
  3. 1 hour of busy US Airport recorded - YouTube
  4. 2 hours of office sounds - YouTube
  5. 10 hours of Rainy Day - YouTube
  6. 5 hours of Self-Help Robot - Shring Mantra with sounds of Nature - YouTube, also see other audio mantras
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